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Mediation is a process where a neutral/competent person facilitates and assists in arriving at an amicable solution between the disputing parties. Mediation creates a conducive, controlled environment for the parties to arrive at an assisted amicable resolution to all their outstanding issues.

Mediation is a Voluntary, Confidential, Transparent, Time Saving, Cost Efficient, Flexible alternative method to resolve disputes

Our Expertise
We at have successfully settled numerous divorce, matrimonial, child custody, property issues and other matters. Our vast experience and expertise give us the flexibility to assist and advice the parties to arriving at a win-win solution for themselves. Our pre litigation assistance and assistance during litigation has resulted in successfully arriving at mutually agreeable solution between the parties that has resulted in parties not being burdened by the pressures of litigating before courts. We encourage parties to approach us to resolve their issues and assure highest level of confidentiality, trust and professionalism.